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Danny DeGennaro Foundation
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About the Danny DeGennaro Foundation

Danny DeGennaro Foundation

The Danny DeGennaro Foundation (DDF) was founded by family and fans as a way to honor the life and talent of Danny, affectionately known as “Rio”. The childhood memories of friends and family were centered around the times that Danny would sit and play his music on the “rock” in Levittown, Pa. as admirers soaked in the experience, always in awe of his talent. Those childhood memories became part of the early beginning of the Danny DeGennaro Foundation.

Not surprising is that one of the first projects was to capture those early days in an effort to bring them forth into the present. The “Legacy of the Rock” video (narrated by Cheyenne Mease in a story-telling format) shows the extraordinary efforts of the early members of the DDF foundation to create a legacy for the man that touched their lives in a very profound way.