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Questions and Information about DDF Events

Get Involved ! Be part of a growing community. Donate to a good cause or even better donate and get involved by volunteering. We have many levels of participation. We appreciate any gift !

Annual Golf Tournament – Jeff Pine-267-784-2921firstkeystoneelectric@msn.com

Annual Creative Inspiration - Ed Mero-954-227-8186emero@prestigefineart.com

Music Mentoring Program – Steve Burke 215-962-0082first2bass@aol.com

Art Mentoring Program - Nilda Comas 954-298 -3621nildacomas@icloud.com

BCCC Art Scholarship – Michael Kabbash 215- 968- 8658

or Jean Konkel 215-968 -8128

BCCC Music Scholarship – John Sheridan 215-968-8126

Sponsors & Contributors – Ed Mero 954-227-8186emero@prestigefineart.com

Talent Scout – Paul Chaykin 215-666-3139falcons71@comcast.net

Event Booking – Ed Mero 954-227-8186emero@dannydegennaro.com

Business Contributions – Linda DeGennaro 215-778-4873lindab0101@gmail.com

Children’s Events – Lorelee Martin Mero 267-315-9770oreleemartin@aol.com

Press Packages and Inquiries – Aurora Hill 267-424-9644aurora@heartstonepub.com

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